Providing a Range of
Fabrication Services



General Fabrication

We can custom fabricate, repair or modify your project using heavy or light steel, stainless or aluminium.  Whether it’s a small metal sign created for your property entrance, or build and install a quick hitch system for your loader. Cody’s Custom Fabrication is the team to do it right.



Let Cody’s Custom Fabrication custom-build your trailer to your specifications. Your choice of single or tandem axle; box, car or tabletop; light or heavy springs.



We can custom-build the perfect toolbox for your needs. Your choice of construction from Steel, Stainless or Aluminium.


CNC Plasma Table

The plasma table allows for very precise cutting of a large variety of materials from lightweight aluminium up to 40mm plate steel. The design applications are endless, and allow for a incredible detailed finish in record time.  Don’t wait any longer obtain your new “Metal Art” property/business sign today.


On-site Welding

With our fully equipped site vehicle we can come to you, whatever the project, from a small domestic fix to a large-scale repair.




Grab our sturdy custom-built Bullbar created for the toughest conditions the outback has to offer. Complete your ensemble with a set of Siderails.



Caravan Repairs

We can help with an emergency breakdown or ensuring the continued longevity of your trip, call Cody to fix whatever the problem is today.


Cutting & Folding

If you need sheet metal cut into specific sizes and then folded to a particular shape, the on-site guillotine and press will allow us to fulfill your project requirements.

Plasma Table

Precise Cutouts

  • Cuts through light weight aluminium up to heavy duty 40mm plate steel.

Get Creative 

  • You can totally change the outcome of your project. Let’s get creative and try new things.

Some Design Needed

  • With the latest advanced design software, your impossible ideas can quickly become a reality.

And Repeat

  • Do you need multiples? No problems, you are only limited by the amount of steel you can afford.

Our Recent Projects

Tandem Axle Trailer

  • This is a custom-built heavy duty trailer, with crate sides and purpose built toolbox.

Cattle Crate 

  • Full length cattle crate completely fabricated on-site, with hydraulic ramp and topside hay rack.